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MC307 and 312 - DOT407 and 412 Parts

All tank trailer valves, couplings, manholes, and vents are found in this section. We have hydraulic valves, QRB valves, emergency, safety, globe, and gate valves. Drybreak adapters, couplings, and associated discs, gasket, and rebuild kits (1.5” , 2” , and 3” ). Betts full opening manholes along with repair parts — swing bolts, hinges, wing nut, roll pin, spanner wrench. Vents available include all Girard DOT 407 vacuum vents along with O rings, rain covers, kits, and pressure vent upper housings. MC307 vents are still available, as are solid caps and fusible caps — sizes 2” , 3” , and 4” and spanner wrench for easy removal. All parts necessary for Vapor recovery.

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