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Sanitary Tanker Parts

This section has all of the items you need to keep your food grade tankers hauling sanitary items. Includes aluminum wrenches 2.5”, 3”, and combination sizes 3.5” x 3”, 3” x 2”, 2” x 1.5”. All parts needed to repair LC Thomsen and Waukesha 60TTF valve i.e. aluminum dust covers, viton seat gasket, polyethylene flange gasket, white stem seat, and 9” OD mounting plate. Sanitary manhole components; 4 lug manhole gasket, manhole studs, sanitary dust cover hinge, new style wing nuts, and seal tight manhole dust covers. For cabinets on milk truck we have gaskets and door handle holders for Brenner and Barbel units, also dipper tubes, browning double pulley, 1 oz sample dipper with 24” handle, Jabsco impellers, bearings, pump, clamp, and o-rings. Yes we have sanitary fittings, plastic bevel seat cap, nylon nut for Run-O-Vent, stainless steel nuts, stainless steel straight hose adapters, threaded ferrule, bevel seat ferrule, concentric reducer, sanitary elbows, SS caps, elbows, and bevel seat gaskets.

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