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Miscellaneous Tanker Parts

This category is a catch all of parts that don’t fit well into other categories. Included are Drierite desiccant for air dryers, Allegheny couplings, flanges, tees, gaskets, and elbows. Brass ball valves, stainless steel ball valves, conspicuity tape, reflective tape, Betts certificate holder, James King document holder, Truck lite certificate holder, aluminum fender, stainless steel fenders, pipe braces, fender brackets, hose tube doors 6”, 8”, 10”, hose tube straps, tank trailer ladders aluminum and stainless, T handle lock assembly, stainless steel cable, mudflaps and mud flap brackets, aluminum pipe fittings, stainless steel pipe fittings, carbon steel pipe fitting, placards, PTO parts i.e yokes, keystock, 1” pillow block, 1 1/8” pillow blocks, 1.25” pillow block, tread depth gauge, Tire valve stems, caps, upper couplers for all brands Brenner, Polar, Heil, Fruehauf, Butler, Acro, Walker. Progress, and Tremcar, plus 2” king pins. 450 gallon vacuum tank, walkways, grip strut, stainless steel bumper, aluminum tool boxes, Quincy 5 hp compressor, Rochester gauges and float arms, float balls, and Zook 3” rupture discs.

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