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ABS Brake Components
Air Brake Valves, Chambers, & Accessories
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   Air Chamber Brackets
   Automatic Slack Adjusters
   Axle Nuts
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   Manual Slack Adjusters
   Relined Brake Shoes
   S-Cam Bushing Kits
   Wheel Bearings, Races, & Sets
   Wheel Seals
   Axle Assemblies
Cam & Groove Hose Fittings
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LP Gas Tanker Parts (MC330/331)

Brake & Axle Parts

In this section you will find air chamber brackets, automatic slack adjusters by Bendix, Meritor, Gunite, and Haldex, along with manual slack adjusters. Axle nuts, washers and keepers. The parts you need for brake shoe replacements, cam kits by Rockwell, Eaton, and Fruehauf. Also cam shafts in a variety of lengths with 10 splines or 28 splines or 37 splines. While you have it apart you should look at replacing the wheel bearings, races, seals, and sets by Timken and Stemco. Complete axles by Meritor can also be found here.

Brake & Axle Parts

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Look to us for all your Brenner, Walker, Beall and Bulk tanker parts needs. If you don't find it here, email us or speak with a parts specialist at: 1-800-672-6939 (in Canada: 608-847-2811). Our catalog contains thousands of tank trailer parts and is regularly updated with the most frequently ordered components.